Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking for Hope

I was browsing the web... looking for inspiration on what to write when I came across this website with "Wisdom and Inspiration You Can Read In One Minute". The topic I stumbled upon was "Looking For Hope". I feel this is something that most people struggle with, where to look for inspirations of hope. I liked the Wisdom in the thought this site presented:

"The most important choice people make in their lives is the choice of where they look for hope. People either look for hope outside of themselves or inside of themselves. Where you look for hope determines the image and outcome of your hope. Make no mistake about it. Vast fortunes, incredible fame, and untold power have been accumulated by people who apply certain principles related to making external hopes and dreams come true. However there are consequences to all actions. Indeed, you may come to possess every external hope or material thing, but you may later come to regret what you possess. Quite often, the realization of external hope brings inner death... the inner death that comes with realizing we are empty inside when all we possess are external fortunes, external fame, and external power."

I started this site with the feeling that so many people, including myself, are trying to find the best places to look for hope. There really is so much out there and within ourselves, but I think the thing we must remember is there are many good things we can hope for or look to for hope. What we need to focus on are the best things. These things probably are not be things such as a large home or that big screen tv, but are things such as hoping for good relationships, both friends and family or hoping for joy not only for us but for those we care about.

What are you hopeful for? Where or who do you look to for hope?