Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope

I don't know about everyone else and how they are doing with finding jobs... but we have been struggling. My husband is done with school in just a little over a week and still no job. Today was the FIRST glimmer of hope we've had in months of applications being sent out.
He got his first interview!!!
We are SO excited for this small step in the right direction and it has given us SO much hope for the future. On top of all this it is near our family (well, my in-laws and my dad and step mom)! It still won't give us the most comfortable lifestyle we would like... BUT it gives my wonderful husband the experience that seems to be required for practically every stinking job!

Along with this comes some exciting news for anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento area! I will be spending some time up in these areas and am taking a limited number of photo shoots. So if you're in the areas check out my photo blog for details and email me!
My sessions start at just $50, it's a DEAL!!!