Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday Giveaways

A couple sites with special holiday giveaways:
My Organized Chaos
The 2009 Holiday Gift guide starts November 1st and goes into December (that's just around the corner)!
Peppermint Giveaways
Fabulous Fun Finds special Peppermint Giveaways is November 2nd through the 6th.
Make sure to check them out and you just might be able to win something you can give someone for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Party Hosting

Today I was reading a post on this site:

and I got really excited at the possibility of hosting a Betty Crocker Cookie Mix House Party!!!! I have submitted an application to HouseParty to see if I might be able to participate in this even on December 5th. If I happen to get the opportunity to play hostess for this I'll definitely be posting pictures and let you all know how it goes! I think it's so cool that I might be able to host a cookie party and (if my application is approved) we can get a whole slew of things to be able to give people. For this particular party if you are selected as a host you will receive:

• 2 Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix pouches
• A gift card for $15 to purchase baking items for the party
• Betty Crocker napkins, cups and plates
• 15 Betty Crocker spoons
• 1 Betty Crocker apron for the hostess
• 15 Recipe booklets
• 15 Grocery list pads
• 1 Christmas cookie magazine

How cool is that! Now I have my fingers crossed... hopefully I'll get selected!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't Text and Drive... and WIN!!!!

You can win by pledging not to text and drive! How cool is that!?! It's already illegal here in California to text while driving, but I still see people do it as well as talking on the phone. I also admit that I have on occasion tried to send a quick text while at a stop light, but I don't do it while I'm driving... hello... SO not safe! Anyways, now you're probably wondering "So... you said something about winning?" Yes, I did... check it out:
Live Laugh Love and Bloggings
You have all the way until November 2, 2009 to get entered to win $50 from! How cool is that!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Site Spotlight

Anybody out there that knows me knows that I am one of the biggest penny pinchers (an area where my husband and I are very different). So, would it surprise any of you that when I found this site:

I was  THRILLED!!!! She has giveaways, coupons, and tips on everything from grocery shopping to good ways to earn a little extra income. What more could a penny pinching stay at home mom want!?!? I am very excited to try out some of those extra income tips. Thank you Frugal Friend!