Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Party Hosting

Today I was reading a post on this site:

and I got really excited at the possibility of hosting a Betty Crocker Cookie Mix House Party!!!! I have submitted an application to HouseParty to see if I might be able to participate in this even on December 5th. If I happen to get the opportunity to play hostess for this I'll definitely be posting pictures and let you all know how it goes! I think it's so cool that I might be able to host a cookie party and (if my application is approved) we can get a whole slew of things to be able to give people. For this particular party if you are selected as a host you will receive:

• 2 Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix pouches
• A gift card for $15 to purchase baking items for the party
• Betty Crocker napkins, cups and plates
• 15 Betty Crocker spoons
• 1 Betty Crocker apron for the hostess
• 15 Recipe booklets
• 15 Grocery list pads
• 1 Christmas cookie magazine

How cool is that! Now I have my fingers crossed... hopefully I'll get selected!!!


Angela said...

Good luck. House party parties are fun. ;)

I have an award for you on my site: