Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

Have you ever gone to a friend's home and seen how they have the perfect matching furniture, all the frames to their pictures are perfect and match... and it just looks like their home could have come straight out of a magazine? Someday I would LOVE to have that. Right now our financial situation just does NOT allow for much leeway when it comes to these "luxury" items. Lately I have found myself dreaming of how some day we'll have a house and how it will be decorated... or even how someday we'll have a table with a full set of chairs (my toddler has knocked over several of our chairs so many times that he has broken many of them). Anyways, I have decided that once a week I'll put a picture here of something that I've been dreaming of having in my someday! Today I'm actually going to start with a bed... yes I dream of having a Queen or King size bed! That's right, my husband and I both squeeze onto a double! So, with this there are actually two that I really like the design of. This first one I think would look so nice with taking photos.
Cottage Style Furniture Collection Corbels Bed or Headboard Only
from and costs about $2000.

This second one is more what I would love to have in my bedroom:

(Sorry I can't get a bigger picture)
This one is the Metropolitan Platform Bed from Macy's and is also about $2000.
I do like the look of the dark furniture, it just looks so classy (in my opinion).

But, for now our little double bed with the simple free bed frame that it came with works for us until we can afford the luxury of having a nice bed frame... oh some day I hope you come before my kids are all grown!