Monday, November 9, 2009


I have created this site as one to share things to hope for, things we wish for, and the dreams we dare to dream. I believe there is much to hope for in life and that sometimes with all the bad that is going on it is difficult to see those things unless we focus on seeing them. That is what this blog is about. The second thing this blog is about is the wishes we have. Every Wednesday I will have what will be called Wishful Wednesday. I may share a wish of mine or wishes of others that I know or have heard about. I would encourage you to share your wishes in the comments as well! Isn't it fun to share them, but with someone you don't even know! I think it is, but I love to share with anyone! Finally the last part of the blog... dare to dream! Often in life you will have people who will stand in the way of your dreams, sometimes intentionally sometimes unintentionally. I am here to encourage you dream and reach for the stars!

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Hoping... Wishes... Dream