Monday, March 26, 2012

M&M's General Conference

So, for the Young Women with General Conference we are doing PJ's, Pancakes, and Prophets for the Saturday morning session.  With this we are having them assemble their own BINGO cards with different topics to listen for. First three to get BINGO I have some glow in the dark star wands that will be their prize. And every girl will be given a bag of M&M's with a note about Making the Most of General Conference. I had seen this idea some where else, but wasn't able to download what they had, so I made my own.
Along with this we will be serving the girls pancakes and waffles. Hopefully it'll encourage some to pay attention to conference and not just feel that Conference weekend is a "vacation" weekend from church. I feel that Conference is just SO spiritually uplifting and I hope the girl's will get a glimpse of that too!