Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

It seems like SO much has been happening... we moved, again, into our own apartment.
I actually have gotten a LOT of those things that were on my wishful Wednesday list, like the table and the watch that I was admiring!
We still don't have some things that I would like to get (hopefully soon) like a tv stand and bookcases... but we are SLOWLY getting there... too bad it all takes money!
PLUS on top of everything we are still hoping for my husband to become a full-time employee, not just in a contract position. Technically his contract was up at the end of May, and he will be starting the interview process for a full-time position. I just hope it all works out, especially since we have rent and other bills to pay.
Anyways, I have also been busy with photography stuff and just trying my best to get us settled... all while also trying to plan a fun birthday party for my soon to be three year old! I know I had mentioned doing a fireman theme, but I talked to him and he really wanted Mickey Mouse... so I am doing all I can!