Thursday, April 29, 2010

Swagbucks Update

I know I mentioned this site back in November, but I just wanted to give an update as to how I am feeling about it now that it's been almost seven months that I have been using it. I absolutely LOVE winning prizes for doing searches online!

I do a LOT of searching for things online... so it is totally worth it to me! One thing I have noticed is google is still the best search engine, especially if you aren't quite sure of what exactly you're looking for. But if you're just looking for general information or new recipes to try I personally have used swagbucks a LOT! I have used it so much in fact that I have been able to get $30 in gift cards! That's enough to get someone a decent gift (Mother's Day, Birthday, Father's Day, etc.). I am hoping that by July maybe I will have enough gift cards accumulated to be able to get my son a bike for his 3rd birthday! (SHHHH don't tell him!) I am about a quarter of the way to get another gift card. But even without that I have gotten close to $5 a month just for doing searches! (Those gift cards don't include the ones my husband has received!)

Anyways, if you too are interested in getting prizes for something you already do... then I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for a swagbucks account and start getting money for it! You won't regret it... in fact you might find yourself just doing random searches just for the fun of seeing what comes up and if you'll get a prize!

Search & Win