Monday, September 28, 2009

No Painting

I saw a clip from Rachael Ray's show today and she had Libby Landon on and she was giving tips on how to decorate walls when you aren't allowed to paintor leaveany permanent damage. If we weren't moving at the end of the year I'd be SO excited to try out some of these! One of the ideas that I liked was to draw on the wall with chalk, it comes off with Magic Eraser or with wipes. The other idea that I REALLY liked was to mix cornstarch and water, dip cotton fabric inside the mix and put the fabric on the wall it's like wall paper, but it comes off without damaging the paint. And if it ever starts to come off you can just dab some more water cornstarch mix on there and put it back on! If we rent again for awhile I know how I'll be decorating!!!!